PLEASE NOTE - All morning and evening services have been postponed until further notice. While we're not able to physically gather for services we encourage you to join us online. Just follow us on Facebook for our live stream and any additional updates. If you'd like to give your tithes and offerings, you may now do so here.

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‪#‎PrayforPaul‬ is a reminder to pray for Paul Meikle, a young man in our church that has had a heart transplant and is now in trouble with that heart. On the underside of the reminder band is "John 3:16". We asked Paul if he would like us to put a verse that claims healing and he said, "No, Pastor put John 3:16, because if someone doesn't know Jesus it is more important for them to get saved than for me to be healed." I love Paul. Would you join me in prayer for this young man reared in our church?