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35 Years Ago Today!

​To God be the glory, January 18, 1981 was my first Sunday as pastor of Christchurch Baptist Fellowship, the only church I have ever pastored. After spending almost 11 years as an evangelist and college professor, I asked the Lord to place my wife, children and me in a place where we could spend the better part of our lives. And He answered that prayer so beautifully. I pastor some the kindest and most Christ-like people in all of America. I honestly do not know of a greater people than the people of Christchurch. I am blessed beyond measure. I am thankful for our growth and especially the spiritual growth of which I have been an eyewitness.

​On our first date in college, Barbara played the piano while I led the music. Then I preached on a regular basis at Pacific Garden Rescue Mission in Chicago (where Billy Sunday and Mel Trotter were saved). She played the piano and I preached. Well, she's still playing the piano and I'm still preaching. I am so thankful for my sweet wife, Barbara who has been by my side, my partner in ministry for over 42 years. The perfect pastor's wife!
​I am thankful for Mrs. Victoria Lord our secretary for over three decades and my wife's 4th grade Sunday School teacher as well as my daughters’ Sunday School teacher. She is still going strong after all these years. She is the world's best church secretary.
​I love Caleb and Ruthy Sargent, the best Youth Pastor and Youth Pastor’s wife in America. He is a gifted communicator of God’s Word and she is gifted in administrating.
​I love Jerry Howell , our Minister of Music. He is sensitive to the Lord’s leading and it is reflected in his music. Every guy needs a friend like “Big Jer!”
​I love our Deacons. These are men who fulfill the biblical qualifications and are faithtful to their Lord and this pastor.
​I love Damon Jones and all our Sunday School teachers. Our Sunday School teachers are the epitome of truth on fire. They are theologians and exciting.
​I am thankful for those precious people who are not as visible, such as our prayer warriors. We have a group of people who spend no less than one hour in prayer every day. And if you are looking for one reason God has blessed our church...there it is.
I love Christchurch. Dr. Bobby Roberson told our mutual friend, Darrell Cox and later told me that he was given some advice by a great old preacher when he was young: "Every man of God should marry one wife and marry one church." I am so happy. I found my one wife and the one church. Sola Deo Gloria!