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What Are We Doing About Target?

Several people have asked our ministry what we are going to do (if anything) about the growing social issue that Target presented families with when they introduced their new bathroom policy.
Let us first state that we believe in the doctrine of the personal priesthood of the believer. In short, that means that we believe that you as a believer can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life and are to be subject to His leading, even more than you are subject to the leading of an organization, specific person, or (often especially) the majority vote.

However, we also understand that well-intentioned Christians are looking for options on how to move forward in an ever-changing culture. A friend of our ministry, Pastor Paul Chappell, recently wrote a well thought out, loving and very informative article which also expresses our sentiments at this time. We encourage you to find out what you and your family can do by reading the article here.